Shootingray’s Fine


Fine: $12.00 $13.50

Date Due: 4-3-2016 at 3:00 PM

Reason: Left lethal medicine bottle in reach of a pet

Please leave the fine money (in coins) on the island with a formal letter explaining what you did wrong and why you will not make this mistake again. Since this was a life-threatening mistake, the fine amount will go up 50¢ every hour it is overdue. Failure to obey all of these guidelines will result in the fine being counted as overdue.


Happy Spring Break!

I hope that everyone has a great spring break. It didn’t seem like it would ever come! A lot of people are going warm places (me included) and we are all ready for a fabulous time. If you aren’t going anywhere, don’t worry. It is just as fun because you get to relax and sleep. You could also have an awesome party with friends or try something new. Spring break brings a whole lot of adventures! Where will they take you?