Shootingray’s Fine


Fine: $1.50

Reason: When he made his Apple ID, he didn’t turn on SMS Text Messaging. This means that his phone uses cellular data to text when not in Wi-Fi range. If he turned on SMS Text Messaging, all of his texting would be free. Even knowing this, he hasn’t bothered to fix the situation.

Date Due: 6-18-2016

Please leave your fine money on the island with a note explaining what you did wrong and fix the situation. If you need assistance with completing this task, get help from the Fine Jar Society.


Shootingray’s Fine


Fine: $12.00 $13.50

Date Due: 4-3-2016 at 3:00 PM

Reason: Left lethal medicine bottle in reach of a pet

Please leave the fine money (in coins) on the island with a formal letter explaining what you did wrong and why you will not make this mistake again. Since this was a life-threatening mistake, the fine amount will go up 50¢ every hour it is overdue. Failure to obey all of these guidelines will result in the fine being counted as overdue.

Shootingray’s Fine



Fine: $3.00 $3.25 $3.35

Reason: He left the cats together when he left the house.

Date Due: 3-8-2016

Please leave the fine money on the island with a note explaining what you did wrong and what you will do to prevent this from happening again. Excessive complaining will result in an increase in fine amount. Thank you for your cooperation.

Beaglesworth Weekly: July 11, 2015


Beaglesworth Weekly is in honor of Mayor Beaglesworth who serves The Queendom of Nepsa, works with the Fine Jar Society, and gathers this information.


Many changes have occurred since the new mayor was chosen. First, Fines Weekly was discontinued due to reduced amount of fines. All FJS matters will now be posted in Beaglesworth Weekly. Next, task changes in the clan will be announced in these weekly entries. Last, there will no longer be ranks in the clan. Better task assignments are what earn respect and hard work should be rewarded. If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please speak to Mayor Beaglesworth or the FJS. Thank you for understanding.


Gentlestar incurred a fine of 50 cents for saying a bad word on a patrol. Angelsnow, Shootingray, former Mayor Milkbone, and Mayor Beaglesworth were all there. Imagine her embarrassment of saying that in front of the mayor!

Task Assignments

Softstep caught a mouse in the basement last night earning her a higher-level task: mousing! Softstep is now the only mouser in the house, which is unique and amazing. What is also incredible is that Softstep’s old task, spy, is a lower-level task compared to mousing. Way to go Softstep!


I hope you enjoyed the first entry of Beaglesworth Weekly. The next entry can be published anytime during another week, so check back every day. Questions? Concerns? Commenting below is a sure way to get my attention! ~ by Angelsnow

Mayor Beaglesworth’s First Request

Mayor Beaglesworth requested that she have an entry in her honor every week to keep citizens of The Queendom of Nepsa updated on the most important pieces of information gathered by her. It will be called Beaglesworth Weekly! The Beaglesworth Weekly will include fines, general changes, and FJS announcements. Mayor Beaglesworth gives her condolences to the candidates in the 2015 Mayoral Election and encourages them to try again next year. Thank you and watch for the newest entry of Beaglesworth Weekly.

Fine Jar Fees Higher

It is great to be writing to fellow Nepsans again! Sadly, Fine Jar Fees are being raised. You will be charged 50 cents for not folding your blanket. If the DVD player is left on, it will be a 25 cent fine. Since people haven’t been charged very recently, there isn’t enough funding. Bad manners will be 10 cents instead of 5. Happy summer!