—Extremely Important— Beaglesworth Weekly: September 6th, 2015


Beaglesworth Weekly is in honor of Mayor Beaglesworth who serves The Queendom of Nepsa, works with the Fine Jar Society, and gathers this information.


This week, I will be posting the task assignments. Task assignments are extremely important and will impact your entire year, so please comment if you have any concerns.

Task Assigments 2015

Gentlestar: Organizer, house maintainer, shopper, and caregiver for the clan members

Shootingray: Gentlestar’s assistant / advisor, member of the Fine Jar Society, job worker, PB 13, and shopping helper

Angelsnow: Founder of the Fine Jar Society, organizer, author of The Stellar News, Mayor Beaglesworth’s (Whitebelly’s) assistant and advisor, translator, and Patrol Squad leader

Mayor Beaglesworth / Whitebelly: Current mayor, Patrol Squad member, Tracking expert, Fine Jar Society member, and Beaglesworth Weekly reporter

Proudheart / Former Mayor Milkbone: Patrol Squad member, Gentlestar’s bodyguard, Mayor Beaglesworth’s bodyguard

Softstep: Mouser, spy, and a crazy fortune teller

Shadowcreeper: Mouser, spy, mental patient, and master attacker

The Be Kind Movement

Mayor Beaglesworth wants everyone to be kind to all clan members. Most of us already do this, but she wants us to practice. Please comment below something nice about another clan member. Thank for supporting The Be Kind Movement!

As a branch off of The Be Kind Movement, we are participating in kind games.

  • Pass the fuzzy will be taking place at 6:15 PM tonight. Don’t miss out! (The fuzzy will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own.)
  • Positive drawing time will be at 3:00 PM today. (Drawing supplies are provided.)

More game ideas? Mention them to the Fine Jar Society!

I hope you enjoyed Beaglesworth Weekly. The next entry can be published anytime during a different week, so check back every day. Questions? Concerns? Commenting below is a sure way to get my attention! ~ by Angelsnow


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