Election Schedule

1. Everyone will gather at the upstairs sofa. (Around 3 PM)

2. We will sing the queendom’s anthem, Keep Close, Go Away.

3. Mayor Milkbone / Anyah Lee Funchia / Proudheart will give an opening speech and his statement.

4. Whitebelly, Shadowcreeper, and Softstep will give their speeches and statements as well.

5. Everyone will vote while Angelsnow records the results. You can vote for yourself!

6. Angelsnow will announce the new mayor!

7. The new mayor will give a speech about their goals for Moon Clan.

8. Voters and candidates that lost will announce positive thoughts about the new mayor.

9. Prepare for the after party!

The After Party

Date: Friday, July 10, 2015

Time: 6:15 PM is the latest that we could leave. Please note that the party might leave earlier.

Event: Seeing Despicable Me 3 movie

Where: SMG, but the party is leaving Moon Clan territory together


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