The Mayoral Election!

Moon Clan is hosting their own election for mayor! It will take place on Friday July 10th, 2015 at the upstairs sofa. Here are the candidates:

Mayor Milkbone / Anyah Lee Funchia / Proudheart – He has chosen to run again! I hear that many people want him to win… Vote Proudheart!

Whitebelly / Stella – Vote for wise Stella in the election for mayor! The adored inspiration for the Stellar News surely deserves your vote. “More patrols make Moon Clan safe.”

Shadowcreeper / Jinxy – Jinxy needs your vote in the election for mayor! ~I ♥ Jinxy~ “More food for all!”

Softstep / Luna – She may be older, but that means she is more experienced. Vote Softstep on July 10th, 2015!

Who will you vote for? Comment your choice or who you think will win.


2 thoughts on “The Mayoral Election!

  1. Mayor Milkbone with be receiving my vote. His loyalty to the pack and devotion to keeping us safe-despite any threat or invasion-is admirable. A second term is well deserved!


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