Fine Jar Fees Higher

It is great to be writing to fellow Nepsans again! Sadly, Fine Jar Fees are being raised. You will be charged 50 cents for not folding your blanket. If the DVD player is left on, it will be a 25 cent fine. Since people haven’t been charged very recently, there isn’t enough funding. Bad manners will be 10 cents instead of 5. Happy summer!


2 thoughts on “Fine Jar Fees Higher

  1. A little worried that new policy is directly targeting me. An independent review committee is urgently needed to balance the power of the Society.


    • Hi Dan / Shootingray! I would like you to know that there are many application papers needed to become a member of the FCS. The only exception is me because I am its founder. Joining the society would be the only way to check the power. This new policy isn’t targeting you because everyone needs to behave to achieve a near-perfect queendom. Thank you for your concern. – Angelsnow


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