Spring Things

Spring is a wonderful season because everything starts growing. It is fun to watch the world come alive with beauty and color. Gardening is a great thing to plan before it gets too late. Pick plants that are suited for the conditions in your yard. Some plants like shade while others don’t. Appearance is also key. Do you want a symmetrical layout or clusters? Monarch butterflies like certain plants such as the butterfly bush, so also find out what wildlife the plants attract. Spring’s temperature is perfect for walks or running. It isn’t too hot or cold. Save gas by walking or biking. Not using cars costs less money and you also get exercise. You can see your neighbors more and their pets. Another thing about spring is that the birds chirp. To most, it is a soothing sound. If you like the noise, hang bird feeders from hooks on the overhang of a house. Hanging a chain from the hook lets the feeders be lower and easier for both pets and humans to enjoy. (Cats like this the most!) Birds like one wall behind them so they can eat in peace and don’t have to look over their shoulder. If you like a certain bird call, use special seed to get them to visit more often. Another positive to spring is the sunlight when you wake up. Nature’s alarm clock is much more gentle than the normal ones. Overall, spring is a perfect season to recover from the cold.


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